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We are a personal training boutique designed to make your workouts and your life enjoyable and fun! We are completely dedicated to the success of our clients, helping people change their bodies and their lives one step at a time. With an extremely supportive, yet challenging environment, we will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

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Sept 18 Trek Triathlon
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The Studio Nine Difference

It is a priority to each of our fitness professionals to develop a personal relationship with each of their clients. We know that lifestyle changes are a very personal endeavor. We feel we can more effectively help our clients reach their goals if we take the time to get to know each of our individual clients. By carefully listening to our clients we provide the foundation needed for long term success.

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Because Studio Nine Health & Fitness is a boutique training studio, we offer our clients an intimate, comfortable setting. It is of the utmost importance to our entire staff that clients of all fitness levels feel safe and comfortable in our facility. The intimacy of our setting allows trainers to get to know all of the clients and clients get to know one another. Our environment is very friendly and positive, making Studio Nine Health & Fitness a fun place to be for everybody!

We make a special effort to educate our clients during the process of helping them set and reach their goals so that they have a better understanding of how the body works and how lifestyle choices will impact them. It has been our experience that the more we can educate a client the more successful they will be.

What Personal Training Can Do For You

Clearly Define Your Goals

All of our programs are individualized and very specific to each client. The program your personal trainer gives you will be completely unique to you and your goals.

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Set Benchmarks

Our personal trainers will hold you accountable and keep you on track so you don’t lose motivation. And we have learned the best motivation we can give our clients is RESULTS!

Learn Proper Technique and Form

Our personal trainers will make sure that you learn the appropriate form which will not only make your exercises more effective and efficient, but will also help to avoid injuries.

From beginner to advanced, our personal trainers can help you break through plateaus and make continued progress to your fitness goals. Give us a call at 425.485.5345, or stop by. We’d love to meet you and discuss how we can make your goals a reality.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

In our current times of high stress, massage is a wonderful way to help you achieve mental, emotional and physical balance. Studies have shown that when done on a regular basis, massage can dramatically reduce physical and emotional stress.

Massage has been shown to increase circulation, lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety, improve sleep improve concentration and aid recovery from injuries. Massage has also been shown to decrease fatigue and increase energy, helping you to better handle the stresses of your everyday life.

*Increases circulation
Massage encourages the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs. It also stimulates the flow of lymph, the body’s natural defense system.

*Reduces recovery time
Massage helps prepare for strenuous workouts and eliminates subsequent pains of the athlete at any level.

Massage Therapy room at Studio Nine

*Releases endorphins
Endorphins are the body’s natural painkiller which control and relieve pain due to chronic illness, injury, migranes and recovery from surgery, and decreasing the need for medication.

*Improves range-of-motion
Massage decreases discomfort for patients with restricted mobility due to with low back pain. It also provides exercise and stretching of atrophied muscles, reducing muscle shortening for those with restricted range of motion.

*Improves health of expectant mothers
Massage has many benefits during pregnancy. It can reduce the need for medication, help with depression and anxiety, and shorten labor and hospital stays.

Megan Paulsen, co-owner of Studio Nine and Licensed Massage Practitioner, provides a variety of different massage therapy techniques and practices. She works with each client to maximize their therapy session, supporting their fitness and wellness goals.

The Dirty Dash – July 9, 2011

Studio Nine is heading to The Dirty Dash on July 9 down in Kent at Pacific GP Motorsports Park. This is Washington’s First Mud Run: “a mud run obstacle course where a military boot camp meets your inner five-year-old’s fantasy and subsequently converts boy to man and then… man to swine.”

Registration fees: $35 by 3/13; $40 by 4/17; $45 by 5/15 and $6/26.

For more information, grab a brochure at the front desk or visit The Dirty Dash website.

Captain Jack’s 8k Run & Walk: April 10, 2011

Come join Studio Nine at Captain Jack’s 8k Run & Walk on April 10, 2011. Registration Fee: $35 (no day of Race Registration, so plan ahead!)

It’s starting at Kirkland’s Juanita Beach. For more details and registration information, grab a brochure at the front desk or visit their registration website .

Come have fun with Studio Nine!

The trainers at Studio Nine know that a healthy lifestyle is something that needs to be maintained and nurtured over your entire life. Come join the family of Studio Nine as we find fun ways to be healthy. Get outside, meet some other members, and most of all, live a full life!

Yoga classes by Stacie Attridge

Studio Nine is proud to offer yoga classes from Stacie Attridge, Certified Yoga Instructor. Learn more about Stacie, her influences, and her teaching philosophy at Divine Will Yoga.

Studio Nine Class Schedule

Class Schedule At A Glance
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9:30am      Bootcamp with Kerry     Bootcamp with Kerry

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I love walking into Studio Nine and being greeted like a family member! I get a killer workout, am pushed to my limit with positive and encouraging energy, and I leave feeling great about myself. -- Amy, Woodinville
Massage Therapy At Studio Nine
Many sports and fitness enthusiasts include regular therapeutic massage as part of their conditioning program. Megan Paulsen, co-owner of Studio Nine and Licensed Massage Practitioner, offers massage therapy to help her client increase circulation, reduce recovery time, and improve range-of-motion. Learn more about how Massage Therapy at Studio Nine can help you meet your fitness and wellness goals.